Online Coaching

Online Coaching

Getting closer to your dream body does not have to be torture. MMG will give you the proper tools you need in order to reach your fitness goals, by removing all guesswork from the equation.

Programming will be centered around your specific goals and needs, allowing you to grow and progress beyond your current limits, while at the same time maintaining a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

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    Workout Routine/Split

    Highly effective and amazingly challenging workout programs, geared towards your specific goals and needs (with unlimited revisions).

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    Macronutrient Guidance

    Detailed and clear nutritional guidance centered around your body's individual needs, allowing for a well-balanced yet goal-oriented lifestyle.

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    Cardio Guidance

    Cardiovascular workouts are a necessary evil in order to lower your body fat percentage. MMG makes cardio a little bit easier and A LOT more effective, through smart and strategic programming.

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    Check-ins and Adjustments

    Your body is continually changing, and so should your way of training/eating. Weekly check-ins/weigh-ins are a crucial aspect of reaching your goals.

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* Response time will vary between 1-3 days depending my current amount of clients. Please bare with me.


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