About Mind Muscle Greatness

Founded in 2013, Mind Muscle Greatness offers the best quality in online coaching with everything centered around the client’s specific individual needs. This approach removes any margin for error, and ultimately pushes the client past his/her current limits, into greatness.
Since it’s conception, MMG has also been delivering quality, innovative and inspirational information to fitness enthousiasts, FOR FREE. The aim is to inform the world of fitness about different weight-training techniques, useful exercises and other hidden informational gems.
Now nourished by the gratitude of its readers and powered by the reach of social networking, MMG has slowly but surely morphed into a powerful online community.

Our Core Values

Information is king

Bells and whistles wear off, but useful, valuable and inspirational information never does. We offer nothing but the greatest information on fitness.

You are our investors

You fund our daily activities by paying for the best possible online coaching, workout programs or nutritional programs. You are our main investor, so therefore we answer to no one but you. We consider it our responsibility and obligation to deliver nothing but the absolute best.

Greatness is forever

MMG preaches the power of knowledge. So if you have questions about any of our products or online coaching, we will ALWAYS be ready with the answers you need.

No cookie-cutter B.S.

MMG will never overlook what really matters: you! That’s why our online coaching caters to individuals, not to the masses.